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Mars InSight Infographics

Editorial publication.
InSight-Mars @NASA probe intuments infographics for press publication. @3dciencia 2019

TWINS: Temperature and winds sensor with enhanced performances in terms of dynamix range and resoution from its antecesor REMS on board on Curiosity

SEIS: Seismometer SEIS will listen for seismic waves on the surface of Mars, shedding light on the interior structure of the red planet.

HP3 Instrument

HEAT FLOW PROBE: HP3 burrows down to almos 5 meters into Mars surface. It measures the heat coming from Mars interior to reveal how much heat is flowing out of the body of the planet, and what the source of the heat is.

RISE Antennas; InSight rotation and interior structure experiment. Precisely tracks the location of the lander to determine just how mach Mar´s North pole wobbles as it orbits the sun.