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FabZ ACP protein complex structure interaction

Video animation for Mechanism of Action of FasB-ACP interaction. Commisioned by Liang Zhang for Cell Research paper publication. Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China

Fatty acid biosynthesis (FAS) is a vital process in cells. Fatty acids are essential for cell assembly and cellular metabolism. Abnormal FAS directly correlates with cell growth delay and human diseases, such as metabolic syndromes and various cancers. The FAS system utilizes an acyl carrier protein (ACP) as a transporter to stabilize and shuttle the growing fatty acid chain throughout enzymatic modules for stepwise catalysis.

Based on Paper: Crystal structure of FabZ-ACP complex reveals a dynamic seesaw-like catalytic mechanism of dehydratase in fatty acid biosynthesis. Cell Research volume 26, pages1330–1344(2016).
Lin Zhang, Jianfeng Xiao, Jianrong Xu, Tianran Fu, Zhiwei Cao, Liang Zhu, Hong-Zhuan Chen, Xu Shen,
Hualiang Jiang & Liang Zhang.

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Mars InSight Infographics

Editorial publication.
InSight-Mars @NASA probe intuments infographics for press publication. @3dciencia 2019

TWINS: Temperature and winds sensor with enhanced performances in terms of dynamix range and resoution from its antecesor REMS on board on Curiosity

SEIS: Seismometer SEIS will listen for seismic waves on the surface of Mars, shedding light on the interior structure of the red planet.

HP3 Instrument

HEAT FLOW PROBE: HP3 burrows down to almos 5 meters into Mars surface. It measures the heat coming from Mars interior to reveal how much heat is flowing out of the body of the planet, and what the source of the heat is.

RISE Antennas; InSight rotation and interior structure experiment. Precisely tracks the location of the lander to determine just how mach Mar´s North pole wobbles as it orbits the sun.

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Enterovirus Assembling

Animation of enterovirus V71 capsid assembling

The capsids of spherical (icosahedral) viruses are constructed of multiples of 60 subunits. The question of how these polymers assemble is basic to understanding the viral life cycle.

A formalism describing virus assembly as an equilibrium between coat protein subunits, assembly intermediates and intact virus is presented. This equilibrium model of virus assembly is consistent with experimental observations of virus assembly. At equilibrium, either intact virus or free subunits are dominant species, assembly intermediates are predicted to be found only in trace concentrations.

Modest intersubunit interaction energies result in a very stable capsid; consequently, a small change in this interaction energy can result in a considerable change in the capsid-subunit equilibrium. Some possible effects of nucleation and protein-nucleic acid interactions on virus assembly and capsid morphology are considered.

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GFP animation and motion Graphics

GFP iluminando la historia de un descubrimiento improbable, el de la Proteína verde Fluorescente o GFP-

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Nature cover proposal

N6-methyladenosine-dependent RNA structural switches regulate RNA–protein interactions
Nature cover proposal for Nian Liu of Tao Pan Lab, Universty of Chicago
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Crystallography international year 2014 Posters

Ready to print. Poster commemorating in the international year of crystallography 2014 the elucidation of insulin 3-dimensional structure in 1969 by Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and collaborators. Based on pdb 2G4M entry. Listo para imprimir. Poster conmemorando en el año internacional de la cristalografía la elucidación de la estructura tridimensional de la molécula de insulina en el año 1969 por Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin y sus colaboradores
Poster en la exposición itinerante sobre cristalografía. RAC Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales.
Poster con los hitos en la visualización de proteínas y número de estructuras de proteínas almacenadas en la base pública PDB hasta 2011. El PDB o proteín data bank ha registrado un crecimiento esponencial en el número de estructuras resueltas desde la primera en 1952. Poster. Cronología de la resolución cristalográfica de las estructuras de macromoléculas complejas esenciales para la vida.

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HipA Hip-Hop

E. Coli and other bacteria may go dormant allowing then to evade drugs. The Mechanisms that allow dormancy are modulated by HipA protein. HipB neutralizes HipA by latching onto it and locking it into a shape that prevents it for shutting down the protein production.